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Welcome To The Goddess Bathing Ritual Of The Month Club!!

The Goddess Bathing Ritual Of the Month Club is the most cost effective way to experience my products once a month! Not only is there a significant discount but also you are not automatically charged after your first purchase!! You get invoiced monthly and can choose if you want to purchase or not that month according to your budget!! You can also customize your order in any way!! You can pick any scent aka any ritual and put your requests or customizations in a note at checkout!! 

Again, You will NOT be auto charged each month! You will pay only for your first Goddess Bathing Ritual the day you opt in. It is then processed and shipped to you. The following month you receive an invoice to purchase if you so choose. When you pay your invoice each month it is then processed and shipped to you.   

The Goddess Bathing Ritual will always include a body butter, body scrub, bath bomb or shower steamer (you choose and put it in the notes at checkout), an unscented soy candle with flowers on top, a lip balm, a blessed stone of the month, a card with Goddess Bathing Ritual instructions.

We all deserve to be Bathing Goddesses!!!  Any additional special requests or products can be written in the notes section at checkout additional charges apply for additional products but special requests are always free!!

In so much gratitude,

<3 Saundra Rose Bouchanté  

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