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Welcome To Handcrafted PDX!

My passion for skin and body care was developed over decades working in the treatment room as an Esthetician and Massage Therapist. A combination of a psoriatic arthritis flair up and the pandemic had me experimenting in my kitchen with some of the highest quality natural ingredients to soothe the major discomfort from the psoriasis. When I formulated the Handcrafted PDX Body Butter and applied it the first time instantly feeling incredible relief ... Handcrafted PDX was born!

Early on in esthetics school I learned that our skin is like a sponge ingesting everything we put on it. I have since applied that idea as my inspiration for creating organic whole body skincare products that are healing for every skin type, and ideal for the even most sensitive.

Our natural, handcrafted products are scented with only the highest quality essential oils and are free from harmful chemicals such as synthetic fragrance oils, sodium laurel sulfate, parabens, phthalates, petroleum by-products, and unnatural preservatives.

I package every single use product in compostable packaging and the rest in recyclable or reus packaging. I encourage people to reuse the amber glass jars or return them to me for a discount code for use on their next order. 

Give yourself the opportunity to look and feel INDULGED, PAMPERED, NOURISHED, HYDRATED and REFRESHED with a bathing ritual today because we ALL deserve this kind of REJUVENATION !!  

Thank You for supporting my women owned small business and dreams!

Love, Saundra

Please email me at for wholesale custom order inquires or Market/Event engagements.